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This personal injury attorney offers his services to clients who have been hurt either financially or physically because of the delinquency of another person. He is fully licensed in the state of Louisiana by the Louisiana State Bar to represent his clients. If you have been injured, it is a very foolish idea to attempt to take the case on your own. By hiring this attorney who is a specialist in personal injury, you can be confident that a legal expert is representing your interests.

If you have been hurt in an accident through the fault of another, this attorney will help you to secure compensation for any unfair losses that occur. In some instances. he may only need to provide simple advice and counsel for handling the case. If the case becomes more complex, he is also equally proficient during court proceedings to secure compensation due to property damage, repairs, medical costs, loss of wages, etc.

This attorney will consider the severity of injury before proceeding. If your body needs an extended period of time to heal, your work suffers and medical costs soar, he will a secure the additional expenses so that you are fully compensated. Under such circumstances, it is imperative to hire an experienced lawyer because your chances of receiving due compensation will be higher. For more information, visit this accident attorney to schedule a consultation.

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Metairie Personal Injury Attorney Wins Cases

Personal injury law allows an individual to receive compensation when injured by an individual or company’s carelessness or negligence. Each state has laws in our society that require respecting the safety of others. In addition to being safe from damage, people’s possessions are included. If an individual harms your property, they are liable.

Liability can result from intentional acts or by negligence. When an individual deliberately causes harm or injury, that is an intentional act.  If you are harmed as a result of failure to take an appropriate action, that is considered a negligent act. If an individual accidentally hits your car, that would be considered carelessness and negligence to prevent injury. In both cases, the individual or his property was injured. Because of our tort laws, the individual was entitled to compensation for damages.

For the best result for an injury case, it is important to hire an experienced personal injury attorney to assist in recovering damages. Personal injury cases have a statute of limitations.  There is only have a defined period of time to file a lawsuit. Insurance companies are experts at convincing individuals to settle quickly and usually for less money. They have some tactics that only benefit their company.

Some helpful hints include caution in discussing your injury with insurance company representing others and strangers. You may have no idea who you are talking to. It is better to allow your attorney to speak on your behalf. Call Peyton B. Burkhalter Law for a free consultation to discuss the merits of your case.

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Brief History Of Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law goes back to ancient history. According to the old Testament of the Bible, it is written an “eye for an eye.” This Jewish law required equal punishment when harm is done to an individual. However, personal injury lawsuits as we know them did not appear until the 20th century.

During this period, personal injury law has been modified to fit the needs of our society. Unfortunately, many attorneys have been criticized due to a few frivolous lawsuits over the past 30-40 years. Despite the negative conations, personal injury law is a standard practice in our society to protect consumers and seek justice for those injured because of the negligence of others. Righting wrongs suffered by others is the paramount objective of personal injury attorneys and is due to centuries of legal precedent.