Is the recession affecting my personal injury practice?

Yes, but not the way the recession is affecting everyone else.

What I’ve notice is this: Vendors I deal with are more willing to negotiate prices with me. Many of my clients are more anxious and hope that the courts will give them earlier trial dates, (they won’t). Anecdotally I’ve noticed that insurance companies are stingier with their settlement offers, and are slow in delivering settlement checks.

However, personal injury law practices are much more affected by changes in the law than the public is aware of. Washington, Harrisburg as well as the state and federal courts are constantly making changes in the law that affect the rights of injured plaintiffs. Attacks on victim’s rights are cyclical, as are changes in the economy. Those cycles usually do not go up and down at the same time. I certainly hope to ride out the recession like everybody else. What’s coming down the pike to attack my clients’ rights is as of now an unknown, but whether or not we are living through a recession; there will certainly be attacks of the rights of accident victims.

Robert Bork: Tort Reformer and Hypocrite

Tort reform is a buzzword for limiting the average guy’s rights to the court room by big business and their supporters. When one time Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork settled a case against Yale University last year for injuries he sustained when he fell at the alumni club, he reached the height of hypocrisy.

Bork sought $1 million in damages, claiming the Yale Club was negligent in not providing a handrail or stairs to the stage on which he was set to deliver a speech in early June 2007. He was 79 years old at the time. His lawsuit stated the fall caused a large hematoma to form on his leg, inflicting “excruciating pain” and requiring surgery and months of medical treatment.

He is considered one of the leaders of the tort reform movement. This is a man who spent a large part of his professional life going out of his way to limit the ability of people to seek compensation for personal injuries. I guess his own rules don’t apply to him, and that’s the irony. He should have and did have the right to be compensated for what sounds like pretty serious injuries. Everyone should, for legitimate claims. Taking those rights away from people is just dead wrong. I wonder if Bork realizes that now, late in his life.

Personal Injury Attorney Wins Cases

Personal injury law allows an individual to receive compensation when injured by an individual or company’s carelessness or negligence. Each state has laws in our society that require respecting the safety of others. In addition to being safe from damage, people’s possessions are included. If an individual harms your property, they are liable.

Liability can result from intentional acts or by negligence. When an individual deliberately causes harm or injury, that is an intentional act. If you are harmed as a result of failure to take an appropriate action, that is considered a negligent act. If an individual accidentally hits your car, that would be considered carelessness and negligence to prevent injury. In both cases, the individual or his property was injured. Because of our tort laws, the individual was entitled to compensation for damages.

For the best result for an injury case, it is important to hire an experienced personal injury attorney to assist in recovering damages. Personal injury cases have a statute of limitations. There is only have a defined period of time to file a lawsuit. Insurance companies are experts at convincing individuals to settle quickly and usually for less money. They have some tactics that only benefit their company.