Month: June 2017

No Fee For Kids Program IntroducedNo Fee For Kids Program Introduced

Whether an attorney should charge a legal fee to a child when that child’s car accident case is settled without having to file a lawsuit is a decision I’ve decided to confront head on.

When a case involving a child is settled with the insurance company pre suit, the settlement and the lawyer’s fee must be approved by a judge in the county where the accident took place. Too many times I’ve been in court and have seen lawyers attempt to charge fee in cases involving a child, where the child was in the same accident as his or her parent, and the fee, as far as I was concerned, was unjustified. I’ve decided to do something about that by starting the “No Fee for Kids” program.

Here’s how the “No Fee for Kids” program works.

  • It must be a case where the child was involved in the same car accident as one or both of his or her parents.
  • The program applies to car accident cases that settle without having to file a lawsuit.
  • It applies for any child who is 12 or under at the time of the accident.
  • It has to be in a county where I regularly practice.
  • It must be a case that is not referred to me by another attorney.

This Holiday Season, Keep Kids Alive: Drive 25This Holiday Season, Keep Kids Alive: Drive 25

Drive to Keep Everyone Alive!

What is one gift we can give everyone while on the road during the holidays? The gift of safe driving behaviors. All we have to do to keep everyone alive is:

• Hang up and drive
• Don’t drink and drive
• Buckle up everyone every trip – no matter the distance
• Observe speed limits, and slow down according to weather/road conditions
• Remember, it’s not a race, so create space – give yourself time to react to what goes on around you.
• Observe traffic signals and signs. Stop! Take 3 to See at stop signs.