How Long Should I Continue To See My Doctor After An Accident?

As long as you, the victim, are having on-going complaints related to the accident, you should be informing your doctor about those complaints.

At the very least, your doctor is going to be making a record in his or her chart about your complaints, and you can present that list of complaints to the opposing insurance company. When the case goes to a juried trial, the jury will hear how long you went to see your doctor and what the complaints were over a period of time.

It is crucial that, as long as you have complaints related to the injuries of your accident, you continue to receive medical care.

Brief History Of Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law goes back to ancient history. According to the old Testament of the Bible, it is written an “eye for an eye.” This Jewish law required equal punishment when harm is done to an individual. However, personal injury lawsuits as we know them did not appear until the 20th century.

During this period, personal injury law has been modified to fit the needs of our society. Unfortunately, many attorneys have been criticized due to a few frivolous lawsuits over the past 30-40 years. Despite the negative conations, personal injury law is a standard practice in our society to protect consumers and seek justice for those injured because of the negligence of others. Righting wrongs suffered by others is the paramount objective of personal injury attorneys and is due to centuries of legal precedent. More information here: @

7 Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Open the yellow pages, watch television, or even check your mailbox and you will see advertisements from various personal injury lawyers who promise to help you with your claim. When under lots of stress, it can really be tempting to immediately contact and hire one of these attorneys. However, before you do that, it is important to carefully consider the reason why you are contacting a lawyer and what you want to accomplish. Most of us are very careful when choosing which doctor we will entrust our physical wellbeing to. When looking for a lawyer to whom we could entrust our legal well-being, we should be just as careful.

In order to determine if a particular lawyer is right for you, request a free consultation with the attorney whom you are considering to hire and ask some, or all, of the following questions:

1. What is your experience in handling cases that are similar to mine?
2. Were you successful in those cases?
3. What is your policy about communicating with clients? How can I reach you? How long will it take you to respond to my questions? Will I be able to reach you directly or will I only have contact with your support staff?
4. How will you be paid? How are settlement and litigation costs handled?
5. Do you have past clients who can serve as references?
6. If a settlement is offered that you suggest I take and I don’t want to accept it, how will you handle that situation?
7. Have you ever been professionally disciplined or had your license to practice law ever been suspended?

While these questions will provide you with some useful information, the most important information that you will gain from an initial consultation is information about your potential lawyer’s personality. Do you feel comfortable with him? Does he listen to you? Does he respect your legal goals? If the answers to these questions are yes, and you received answers with which you are comfortable with to the questions described above, then you have found yourself a personal injury lawyer.

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