No Fee For Kids Program Introduced

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Whether an attorney should charge a legal fee to a child when that child’s car accident case is settled without having to file a lawsuit is a decision I’ve decided to confront head on.

When a case involving a child is settled with the insurance company pre suit, the settlement and the lawyer’s fee must be approved by a judge in the county where the accident took place. Too many times I’ve been in court and have seen lawyers attempt to charge fee in cases involving a child, where the child was in the same accident as his or her parent, and the fee, as far as I was concerned, was unjustified. I’ve decided to do something about that by starting the “No Fee for Kids” program.

Here’s how the “No Fee for Kids” program works.

  • It must be a case where the child was involved in the same car accident as one or both of his or her parents.
  • The program applies to car accident cases that settle without having to file a lawsuit.
  • It applies for any child who is 12 or under at the time of the accident.
  • It has to be in a county where I regularly practice.
  • It must be a case that is not referred to me by another attorney.

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