Is the recession affecting my personal injury practice?

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Yes, but not the way the recession is affecting everyone else.

What I’ve notice is this: Vendors I deal with are more willing to negotiate prices with me. Many of my clients are more anxious and hope that the courts will give them earlier trial dates, (they won’t). Anecdotally I’ve noticed that insurance companies are stingier with their settlement offers, and are slow in delivering settlement checks.

However, personal injury law practices are much more affected by changes in the law than the public is aware of. Washington, Harrisburg as well as the state and federal courts are constantly making changes in the law that affect the rights of injured plaintiffs. Attacks on victim’s rights are cyclical, as are changes in the economy. Those cycles usually do not go up and down at the same time. I certainly hope to ride out the recession like everybody else. What’s coming down the pike to attack my clients’ rights is as of now an unknown, but whether or not we are living through a recession; there will certainly be attacks of the rights of accident victims.


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